..dexlaw. | the founder

Work related,

I see myself as a katalysator

that works out my clients aims

in order to develop a suitable strategy 

to finally force their particular interests through.

..dexlaw. | Rechtsanwalt Thomas A. Doll
..dexlaw. | Rechtsanwalt Thomas A. Doll

general information

The father of four children is based close to London in the United Kingdom and has worked for DExLaw for more then 10 years. He is well known as a strong leader who provides clear direction combined with a distinct empathy for his management and employees.

1989 - 1993

Studying Laws in Augsburg, Germany & Basel, Switzerland

since 1992

After successfully taking part at an advanced training for medical law (with honours), he has started giving lectures for doctors in hospitals and practises on forensic aspects of various medical treatments.

1993 - 1996

Provisional head of legal department of a Suisse chemical concern with more than 5000 employees


Sabbatical, travelling the world & supporting people in need of help

1998 - 1999

working for a German court

2000 - 2009

Working as a German Rechtsanwalt for a medium seized law boutique, based in Munich

2000 - 2009

  • founding DExLaw with Dr. Gert Exner, working as a German Rechtsanwalt
  • supporting inventors
  • supervising several start-ups in the fields of energy & med-tech
  • writing articles on MedLaw topics
  • rendering expertises on forensic aspects of medical treatments

since 2015

licensed KfW-Consultant for entrepreneurs

since 2016

law offices in the UK and Germany with the following main emphasis':

  • medical law
  • criminal law
  • business law
  • tax consulting

Thomas is an extraordinarily creative head!!!

I know Thomas for more than 20 years now. Apart form the much fun we had during our legal studies, I owe him an important change in my professional life. In 2002 he brought me into one of Munichs leading law boutiques for business law. Besides that I have to admit that I can't remember to have collaborated with a more creative and unswervingly towards a target heading lawyer then I did with Thomas. If he wants to achieve a goal, he does achieve it!



Christian Wein

Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht

Forum Rechtsanwälte, Steuerberater & Wirtschaftsprüfer, München

Quick, professional and very, very bright!

When I came back form Greece to Germany in 2004, I was introduced to Thomas as the only one who would probably be able to give me the quick support I was looking for. I had just left my job as a senior physician in a hospital on a tiny Greek island. Six weeks later: mission accomplished. I had my own practise, a valid licensing and loads of patients. I don't know if he would have really been the only one to manage it - but he definitely did manage it! At present we are busy with setting up guidelines for the treatment for heroin addicted patients.



Dr. med Vasilios Itsios

Facharzt für Innere Medizin

Suchtmedizinische Grundversorgung (München, Germany)

A very supportive professional for my startup

I had recently started a very promising business in India which deals with organic clothing's. To be honest, we haven't even known each other in person before, we were just connected via LinkedIn. Though Thomas spent quite much of his working time on my particular interests. I was really touched by the fact that he gave so valuable support - pro bono. Thank you Thomas!


Rachid Nobre

Noble Clothing, India

He is an unpretentious and creative "think lab"

I know Thomas for more then 10 years now. He has always given a great legal, tax and business support to my whole family, which owned a medium sized hospitality enterprise with temporarily more than 800 employees. I have experienced him as a real "creative lab" that finds a solution where no one else would have found one.


At present we are a jointly writing a forensic guideline on stroke prophylaxis.


Dr. Candida Weinfurtner

Physician in an Austrian Hospital | Specialist in General Medicine | Suchtmedizinische Grundversorgung